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Dear Alumni and Friends,

Our College of Allied Health graduates are spread out across the entire United States and in several countries throughout the world.  We are committed to supporting our students and community, as well as alumni and friends. We hope to provide graduates with a networking outlet to visit with old friends and to meet other Sooners in their area.  In addition, we can help keep alumni informed of campus activities as well as sponsored events, such as watch parties, picnics, special guest speakers, and numerous other fun activities.

In recent years, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has exploded on the national scene as the
pre-eminent example of excellence in higher education and research.  Every aspect of your Alma Mater has improved.  We have endowed professorships in all areas of study, while also enhancing student life.  While OUHSC is ever advancing, alumni and future students are tuning in as enrollment rates skyrocket and development endowments boom-not to mention the College's three story, 114,000 square foot state of the art new building. Our athletic teams are not doing too bad either!

With the increasing demand for our services, the College of Allied Health has some of the most sought after graduates into the medical and health community.  Our students are also always looking for ways to connect with our alumni in their perspective fields.  If you are interested in mentoring or supporting the College in any way, please contact me.

We hope that you'll keep in contact with us and let us serve you.  Please send us your announcements so that we may all share in the success of our outstanding graduates.

Kyndall Wahkinney
Director of Alumni Affairs and Development
405-271-8001 Ext. 43414



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