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Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
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Clinical Education/Fieldwork

Occupational Therapy Fieldwork
Physical Therapy Clinical Education

Jessica Tsotsoros, MS, OTR/L, ATP
Academic Fieldwork Education Coordinator

Lynn Jeffries, PT, DPT, PhD, PCS
Director of Clinical Education

Patty Hines,
Senior Academic Program Specialist

The fieldwork and clinical education programs of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences exist within the academic programs in occupational therapy and physical therapy to allow students enrolled in course work to apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom and laboratory in the clinical setting.

The primary goals of these programs are:

The clinical education and fieldwork programs will prepare occupational therapy and physical therapy students for general entry-level practice by:

  • offering clinical education/fieldwork in a variety of practice settings.
  • offering clinical education/fieldwork opportunities in practice settings that provide high quality learning experiences for students.
  • promoting evidence-based practice in clinical education / fieldwork settings.
  • promoting good professional/clinical reasoning skills and reflective practice in clinical education/fieldwork settings.
  • assisting clinical education/fieldwork sites in developing positive learning environments.
  • assisting Clinical Faculty to develop good clinical teaching skills and to serve as good professional role models for students.

In addition, the clinical education/fieldwork programs will:

  • treat every student fairly and impartially throughout the clinical education/fieldwork process.
  • be responsive to student and clinical faculty needs as they relate to clinical education/fieldwork programs.
  • meet accreditation standards for the respective clinical education/fieldwork programs.
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Continuing Education
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