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Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
College of Allied Health
University of Oklahoma HSC
1200 N Stonewall, Room 3092
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0901
Phone: (405) 271-2131,
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Occupational Performance Laboratory

Assistant Professor
Primary Investigator (WOC)
Oklahoma City VAMC
Associate Member, Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center

Director of the Occupational Performance Laboratory

E-mail Carrie Ciro
(405) 271-2131 ext. 47022

A lab dedicated to understanding occupational performance issues in adults with chronic conditions. Occupational performance includes activities that you need and want to do every day and includes how you care for yourself (bathing, taking medications), your home and others (cooking, cleaning), as well as how you perform activities in the community (driving, going to the store).

Dr. Ciro is interested in:

  1. prevention of and early identification of occupational performance disability in older adults.
  2. understanding occupational performance issues related to cognitive decline.
  3. using occupational performance as a method for stratifying levels of disability in progressive disorders such as dementia and chronic health conditions.
  4. developing evidence-based interventions for improving, maintaining or delaying decline in occupational performance.

Ciro lab

Ciro Lab

Ciro Lab

dr ciro lab dr ciro lab dr ciro lab