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STOMP Dementia Study

Assistant Professor
Primary Investigator (WOC)
Oklahoma City VAMC

Principal Investigator, STOMP Study

E-mail Carrie Ciro
(405) 271-2131 ext. 47022

The STOMP Intervention
(Skill-building through Task-Oriented, Motor Practice)

Background: The STOMP intervention is a research project examining a way to improve functional skills in people that have cognitive problems. The STOMP intervention is designed to tap into the cognitive strengths of people by focusing on “procedural memory” which is memory for how tasks are done. We hope to show that we can improve skills by repetitively practicing them in an errorless learning environment working 1:1 with a STOMP interventionist in the person’s home environment.

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Who is eligible to participate in the STOMP intervention?

  • A female (35-80) diagnosed with Stage 1-3 breast cancer that has completed all active treatment to include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Speaks and reads English
  • Can follow a one step command
  • Can see and hear functionally.
  • Can use at least one arm functionally
  • Can participate in 1 hour of therapy per day, for 5 days per week for 2 weeks in their own home or our lab as chosen by the participant.

What will participants and families have to do to participate?
Participating in this research project will require a 3-4 week commitment from a participant or family.  First, Dr. Ciro, the principal investigator, will come to your home to review your eligibility for the project and gain your consent to participate.  Second, one week before the intervention, Dr. Ciro will come to your home again to watch you perform the goals you selected to work on in the study so that she can determine where the problems are occurring and if assistive technology is needed to support performance. Following this visit, you will be scheduled for either a morning or afternoon therapy schedule for the two week trial as agreed upon by you and Dr. Ciro.  At the end of the two weeks, you will be re-evaluated and your part in the study will be complete.

When will the STOMP intervention be held?
We will schedule a two-week trial when it is convenient for your schedule.

Compensation for participation may be provided.

For more information, please call Dr. Ciro at (405) 271-2131 Ext 47022 or email at

This research project has been approved by the OUHSC IRB # 3874.